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A Little Bit More About Milazzo and my Trimboli's

I mentioned that my Trimboli's are from Milazzo. Well, since I posted that, I've had a few more interesting emails from Trimboli's who can trace their families back to there. One fairly well-known Trimboli Milazzese is Giovanni Trimboli. He was a photographer and a friend of my cousin Jerry Trimboli. I never had the pleasure of meeting him myself but I've received several emails from friends and family of his.

I received an email from a Trimboli Siciliana in Messina whose distant ancestor was a Trimboli from Milazzo. Another Trimboli family who lived 10 blocks from my grandparents in Brooklyn trace back to Milazzo. So, while most Trimboli's seem to be from Calabria, the Sicilians are represented out there.

In the interest of finding a few more, I'll post a bit more info:

My Trimboli's were Giuseppe Trimboli (b. 1864) and his wife Carmela Maiorana who left around 1900. They lived on Via San Francesco according to the documents I've found. He had a brother, Stefano Trimboli, about whom I know very little. He died in Milazzo and  is buried there.

Giuseppe's parents were Giuseppe Trimboli (b. 1820) and Domenica Maiorana.

One cool thing that I noticed is that, in Milazzo, in the 19th century, Trimboli's were some of the only bricklayers and stonemasons in town. Their occupation was always listed as murifabbro.

The earliest records I could find had other names. I don't remember whose parents were whose but the names were Buccafusca and Calascione.

One of these days I'll dig up my records and the database program that stores it all.

Note: What prompted me to write this? I found some searches in the logs of this website from an IP address in Italy looking for info about Stefano Trimboli, Milazzo, and Buccafusca. So my message is: Cugino mio, scrivi un messagio. Non scrivo l'Italiano bene ma leggo bene.


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Christine Cacioppo:

Hi - Love your site! All 4 of my grandparents immigrated from Milazzo late 19th century. My paternal grandfather was Stefano Buccafusca. My paternal grandmother was Maria Providente, but her mother was also a Buccafusca.
On my Mom's side - I know she had a cousin named Jack Maiorana.
If you ever dig up your records and the database, I'd love to have a look.

Best regards, Chris


There is a husband and wife dental team in Poughkeepsie, NY....they are Andrew & Donna Trimboli. Just thought you'd like to know.

You write: "Giovanni Trimboli. He was a photographer and a friend of my cousin Jerry Trimboli." - I am extremely sorry that you write "was". I hoped, Giovanni Trimboli is still happy & healthy & active. I should contact the copy right owner of his photos: I painted 1980 one of his nice postcards in oil and I would love to get the consent to publish & sell. Could you help me to get the right email adress? Many thanks for help! with best regards, Irene

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