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Welcome to the new trimboli.com

A nice woman emailed me to say hi and mentioned that the site looks the same as a few years ago. Ouch. I realized that I'm hogging this great web address and not doing anything with it. No more!

I installed a nifty publishing system, Movable Type. It allows for "blog" style publishing and users can post comments.

Give the comments a try and let's see how they work. I imagine that I'll change the organization of the site a bit as I learn how the new software works.

So far, so good. :-)


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salvatore trimboli:

Trimboli is on the move. Ask anyone who comes from Milazzo or lives in Brooklyn.


my last name is trimboli, AND we live in NJ. cool.

es muy linda la idea de poder conocer por este medio a decendientes de nuestro apellido, soy argentino y trabajo en el futbol, mi web es www.trimbolifutbol.com saludos a todos y mucha suerte a la familia mundial trimboli.

Hello - I a Trimboli from Mishawaka Indiana

(actually I was born in california)

but I'm from the Mishawaka Trimboli Clan - I think we may be related?

My grandfather Frank A. Trimboli was from Plati'

My grandmother Elizabeth Trimboli was born in Mishawka Indiana but her family was from Plati, and Sicily - from what I know - her maiden name was Trimboli also - but I'm told that in Italy our name is like Smith is in America...

I just wanted to post something in here to honor my Grandfather - he just past away yesterday around 6pm - I'm doing research for the funeral and happened upon your website... I'm so glad that you are doing this... I hope to learn a lot more about my family.

I would like to post something again soon - with a little history of my Grandfather - he was a truly AMAZING man - a Trimboli who maybe was not famous on the big scale - but he accomplished
a great deal in his life that we can all be proud of!


Antonio Segura Trimboli:

Hola Trimbolis! Yo soy argentino y desciendo de familia originaria de Palmi, en Reggio Calabria. Interesante la idea de reunir a las personas de un mismo apellido.

blake trimboli:

Im Blake Trimboli and i live in
campbelltown and my father Sammy Trimboli was born in
Panerea Sicily .

elvira trimboli:

are we related my father was salvatore trimboli came from paneria went to america to join his brothers there after the war there name was rocci i think he then came to australia where he brought us all to live
my mothers name was rosina her maiden name was tesorieo she had a sister virginia i know i have realatives there in new jersy and los angelis some where its been 23 yrs since my parents have died ive lost all possible contacts with them
would be so pleased if you could help
hope to hear from you soon

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