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Who the heck am I?


I realize now that I have no info about me on this site.

My name is Matt Trimboli and I live in Northern Virginia in the US. I am a father, a jazz musician, and an operations infrastructure manager at AOL. I have a moderate interest in genealogy, other cultures, history, people, and technology. That's why I've built this site. I grabbed the trimboli.com domain 4 or 5 years ago so that I'd have a cool email address (drop me a line, Trimboli's, at matt@trimboli.com) and I put up a little placeholder page with some commentary about Trimboli's I'd found online. In that time, I've had Trimboli's from all over the world to share tidbits about their lives and histories. This has been great and I'd love to hear more.

A bit more about me: I'm originally a New Jersey Trimboli. My father was born in Brooklyn, NY where his family immigrated to 2 generations before. They emigrated from Milazzo in the Province of Messina in Sicily. They were bricklayers and stonemasons in Sicily and continued that work in Brooklyn. I have a bit more info about my Sicilian Trimboli's and their town, but that's for another article.

So write me. Tell me about yourself. I'd be happy to post anything about you or your Trimboli's.

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