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Top google result - a criminal

Oh, well. Our current "top Trimboli on the web" is a criminal. That's not great. Let's see if some new content on my site will get google to push that down the list.

Robert Trimboli was a crime boss in Griffith, New South Wales in Australia. I'm not going to post a link because google uses links between sites to gauge how interesting they are. You can look it up yourself.

Growing up as a Sicilian-American, you always have the burden of people asking (or worse - wondering) if you're related to some Mafiosi. Well, if you look enough generations away, you'll always find someone. But, if you do that with just about anyone, you'll find someone shady.

We just have the unfortunate distinction of a stereotype tied inexorably to an ethnicity. That particular stereotype has it's own classic movie trilogy too which makes it even harder to live down.


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It is so easy to remember someone who we consider to be a crime boss but what about the police coruption. as he mut have had some police help to be tipped off.

it is people like trimbolie who are used as Scape goats when MR big gets away with it all the time.

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