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John Trimboli - actor

JOhn Trimboli

This is John Trimboli. He seems to be the most prominent Trimboli actor in film these days. He shows up in an independent film Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits. It doesn't have much of a synopsis in IMDB yet, but it's got an elaborate web site.

I don't know if he's a career actor (not credited anywhere else) or if he's one of these guys that showed up for a casting call for "guys that could pass as mobsters" like they had for the Sopranos. Now, I'm not wild about furthering the mobster stereotype, but the Sopranos do quite some justice to the New Jersey Italian subculture. I grew up working in North Jersey and went to college there and those guys exist. I'm fairly certain that a bunch of them were pulled out of the "social clubs" and onto the set!

I bring up the Sopranos because the star of Johnny Slade was on the show:

The movie stars Fiore as Johnny Slade, a not-so-popular lounge singer who thinks he struck the mother load when he is hired to open up the hottest new club in town. There is one catch: each night Johnny is given new, and usually horrible songs, to sing. Unbeknownst to him, the songs are filled with hidden messages from a high-profile mob boss who has gone into hiding. When the scenes in Johnny's songs begin showing up consistently in the next morning's news reports, he discovers he is the middleman of a crime spree.

The movie stars Fiore, who fans of the "The Sopranos" will recognize as the character Gigi Cestone, and co-stars several cast members of the HBO series: Vincent Curatola (Johnny 'Sack' Sucramoni), Richard Portnow (attorney Hal Melvoin) and Frank Santorelli (Georgie).

Anyone know John? I can't find much about him online. Anyone see this movie?


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He's my uncle.

Joseph Trimboli:

I'm always interested in finding out a little more information about the "Trimboli's" around the world.

I'm a superintendent of schools at Lawton, Michigan, I'm the the 3rd of five children of Francesco Antonio Trimboli from Plati Italy. Francesco came to the U.S. in 1929 as a boy.

If you know any of your personal history please pass it on, thanks.

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