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Dan Trimboli - plant breeder

My Cousin, Jerry Trimboli, who is always very interested in Trimboli's around the world, mentioned to me that there was a famous musician, Dan Trimboli who had played with Louis Armstrong. I was looking him up online and I kept stumbling on Dan Trimboli, plant breeder.

It was funny at the time since I was looking for a jazz musician and kept finding articles about spinach! I didn't think another thing about it until I got an email from... Dan Trimboli, plant breeder. I looked him up:

"Dubbed Aussie Lettuce by the industry, the new varieties developed by renowned Australian plant breeder Dan Trimboli combine beauty with strong disease resistance. "

It's good to hear that at least one of us has figured out how to combine beauty with something else useful. ;-)


More to come on the other Dan Trimboli.

Any more Dans want to check in?


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andrew trimboli:

This is my Dad.

Great to see this site! V interesting!

Hey Andrew How's it going?
If your parents are still around tell them I said hi.

Feel free to stop buy my page here.


mattzito at netscape dot com


John Trimboli:

Hello Matt; My name is John Trimboli born Giovanni Trimboli in 1920 in Eccles w.Va .My father Dominick Trimboli was from Polistina ,Calabria and my mother was from Messina Sicily. My father had lived in Philadelphia and Youngstown,Ohio shortly after their arrival .However for a variety of reasons he then moved to Eccles.After WW II I moved to Youngstown because of family connections and shortly there after met my wife Helen Mocdocco. I am a WWII vet of the U.S. Navy and was a machinest for many years. I have 4 children Domonic Melanie , Mike and Delight ,7 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. I read some of the information above and found it interesting about the bricklayers and stonemasons in the Trimboli family . My father was a bricklayer and other family mambers were stone mason.My brothers are Mike and James ,Mike is from Dayton and James is in Elk Grove California. Feel free to write anytime . Best Regards John Trimboli


My uncle is Dan Trimboli the musician. He is originally from Buffalo, NY and now lives in NYC.

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