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September 17, 2006

Top google result - a criminal

Oh, well. Our current "top Trimboli on the web" is a criminal. That's not great. Let's see if some new content on my site will get google to push that down the list.

Robert Trimboli was a crime boss in Griffith, New South Wales in Australia. I'm not going to post a link because google uses links between sites to gauge how interesting they are. You can look it up yourself.

Growing up as a Sicilian-American, you always have the burden of people asking (or worse - wondering) if you're related to some Mafiosi. Well, if you look enough generations away, you'll always find someone. But, if you do that with just about anyone, you'll find someone shady.

We just have the unfortunate distinction of a stereotype tied inexorably to an ethnicity. That particular stereotype has it's own classic movie trilogy too which makes it even harder to live down.

Dan Trimboli - plant breeder

My Cousin, Jerry Trimboli, who is always very interested in Trimboli's around the world, mentioned to me that there was a famous musician, Dan Trimboli who had played with Louis Armstrong. I was looking him up online and I kept stumbling on Dan Trimboli, plant breeder.

It was funny at the time since I was looking for a jazz musician and kept finding articles about spinach! I didn't think another thing about it until I got an email from... Dan Trimboli, plant breeder. I looked him up:

"Dubbed Aussie Lettuce by the industry, the new varieties developed by renowned Australian plant breeder Dan Trimboli combine beauty with strong disease resistance. "

It's good to hear that at least one of us has figured out how to combine beauty with something else useful. ;-)

More to come on the other Dan Trimboli.

Any more Dans want to check in?

Mike Trimboli - college basketball

A guy that shows up prominently in google results is Mike Trimboli.

[Mike Trimboli]

"A tough competitor, Mike is a
terrific player who will be our starting point guard. This is a
difficult position for a freshman to fill but I think he is up for the
challenge. He has the potential to be one of the top newcomers in the
America East this season."

Well, it sounds good to me anyway. I'm afraid that I don't follow college basketball (or pro basketball, or football of any kind... are you forming a picture?) but google says that Mike kicks ass and that's good enough for me.

Check him out on the UVM site:

"The son of Anthony and Regina Wright Trimboli, he hails from an
outstanding basketball family ... His father scored over 2,000 points
at Sacred Heart in the 1970s while his mother was a three-time hoop
captain at the school ... One brother, T.J., was an Division II
All-American at Southern Connecticut while his other brother, Bobby,
was also a standout for the Owls."

It goes to show you what a diverse bunch us Trimboli's are. Mike's out there tearing it up and I'm starting to wheeze just reading about it.

Keep it up, Mike.

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Frank Trimboli - Real Estate

Frank Trimboli

Back on my old Trimboli site I had a link to Frank Trimboli's web site for his Real Estate business in Australia. Since he still seems to be doing well for himself (a Flash website!) I thought I'd renew my link. I've corresponded a few times with his cousin Joe Trimboli who has helped to inspire me to re-do this site.

Any of the New Jersey Trimboli's interested in moving to the other side of the planet should look up Frank for all of your real estate needs.

Joe Trimboli - Accountant

Joe Trimboli sent me an email years ago when I first put up this site. His subject was "TRIMBOLI'S RULE!" I thought to myself, "yes, we most certainly do."

Hi, I'm Joe

Joe is a "Public Accountant and Registered Tax Agent." His firm is called Trimtax (Let's assume that the play on words is intentional.)

By the way, Joe's website claims that he works here. I'm not sure how he gets anything done:

September 18, 2006

More Australian Trimboli's from Melbourne

Joe Trimboli, Joe Trimboli the accountant's cousin, has been writing to me for about 5 years asking if I'm going to update the site soon, am I alive, and such. A few years ago, he sent me a few photos that he asked me to post. I strategized about how to post them for a few years. Every time I was going to post them, I'd start redesigning the site in my head and then I'd get distracted completely. Really.

This is from an annual family reunion in South Morang outside of Melbourne:

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John Trimboli - actor

JOhn Trimboli

This is John Trimboli. He seems to be the most prominent Trimboli actor in film these days. He shows up in an independent film Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits. It doesn't have much of a synopsis in IMDB yet, but it's got an elaborate web site.

I don't know if he's a career actor (not credited anywhere else) or if he's one of these guys that showed up for a casting call for "guys that could pass as mobsters" like they had for the Sopranos. Now, I'm not wild about furthering the mobster stereotype, but the Sopranos do quite some justice to the New Jersey Italian subculture. I grew up working in North Jersey and went to college there and those guys exist. I'm fairly certain that a bunch of them were pulled out of the "social clubs" and onto the set!

I bring up the Sopranos because the star of Johnny Slade was on the show:

The movie stars Fiore as Johnny Slade, a not-so-popular lounge singer who thinks he struck the mother load when he is hired to open up the hottest new club in town. There is one catch: each night Johnny is given new, and usually horrible songs, to sing. Unbeknownst to him, the songs are filled with hidden messages from a high-profile mob boss who has gone into hiding. When the scenes in Johnny's songs begin showing up consistently in the next morning's news reports, he discovers he is the middleman of a crime spree.

The movie stars Fiore, who fans of the "The Sopranos" will recognize as the character Gigi Cestone, and co-stars several cast members of the HBO series: Vincent Curatola (Johnny 'Sack' Sucramoni), Richard Portnow (attorney Hal Melvoin) and Frank Santorelli (Georgie).

Anyone know John? I can't find much about him online. Anyone see this movie?

September 19, 2006

I'm number three on Google already!

Searching 'trimboli' on Google.

As of Friday the 15th I was 50th, and now I'm number 3. I'll try to find out how to get to number 1!

September 25, 2006

Who the heck am I?

I realize now that I have no info about me on this site.

My name is Matt Trimboli and I live in Northern Virginia in the US. I am a father, a jazz musician, and an operations infrastructure manager at AOL. I have a moderate interest in genealogy, other cultures, history, people, and technology. That's why I've built this site. I grabbed the domain 4 or 5 years ago so that I'd have a cool email address (drop me a line, Trimboli's, at and I put up a little placeholder page with some commentary about Trimboli's I'd found online. In that time, I've had Trimboli's from all over the world to share tidbits about their lives and histories. This has been great and I'd love to hear more.

A bit more about me: I'm originally a New Jersey Trimboli. My father was born in Brooklyn, NY where his family immigrated to 2 generations before. They emigrated from Milazzo in the Province of Messina in Sicily. They were bricklayers and stonemasons in Sicily and continued that work in Brooklyn. I have a bit more info about my Sicilian Trimboli's and their town, but that's for another article.

So write me. Tell me about yourself. I'd be happy to post anything about you or your Trimboli's.

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